NUHDEM PLASTICS;  is a leading 5 gal/19lt Polycarbonate (PC) water bottle company located at Turkey/Istanbul with a 5.000.000/annual production capacity. Founded on 2004, Nuhdem Plastics is leading Europe in its own sector.
Back in 2009, world’s first BPA- FREE (Bisphenol-A) 5gal water bottle has been produced by Nuhdem Plastics with prolonged R&D period.Nuhdem Plastics is serving many multinational water companies with BPA-free or Polycabonate water bottles.
With the prolonged R&D studies, Nuhdem Plastics has always been a pioneer and exemplary in its own sector.
As a result of these studies, it has provided industry-defining innovations in products such as BPA-free water bottle, easy washable water bottle, RFID (Radio frequency identification) chip integrated water bottle, handled water bottle and low weight
water bottle.